Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why Do We Need Numbers?


Numbers describe the amount of things. Numbers can be expressed in words, by hand gestures or writing, using symbols or numberals.

Numbers can describe the number of objects, their positions amidst a lot of objects like 5th, 17th, etc.

Numbers also describe how many units of something there are, for example, how many kilograms (weight) or metre (length). Numbers are a convenient way of describing ideas and quantities.


Below Number info from Wikipedia (

A number is a concept used to describe and assess quantity.

Number may also refer to:

    * Number (game), a number-guessing computer game
    * Number (magazine), a Japanese sports magazine
    * Number (manga), a manga by Tsubaki Kawori
    * Number (music), a self-contained piece of music
    * Grammatical number, a morphological grammatical category indicating the quantity of referents
    * Preferred number, a number that fits a standard guideline for choosing exact product dimensions within industrial design constraints
    * Telephone number, often referred to as simply a number
    * Number sign, a name for the symbol #

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