Saturday, August 8, 2009

Why Do We See Shooting Stars At Night?

Shooting Stars

The Shooting Stars we see at night are no really stars but meteors. They mark the dark sky with swift luminous traces.

They are caused by meteorites, which approach the Earth from the outer space. They move with a very high speed and as they enter the Earth’s atmosphere, they burn out completely due to friction.

If they are of very big size, they can burst into flames leading to partial consumption by the Earth’s atmosphere. If they do not explore, they will cause craters on the Earth’s surface as on the Moon.


Below Shooting Stars info from Wikipedia (

Shooting Stars is a British television comedy panel game broadcast on BBC Two from 27 December 1993 to 22 December 1997 and then on BBC Choice from 13 January 2002 to 22 December 2002. Created by Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, it is simultaneously a parody of the game show format and an experiment in dadaist television[citation needed]. Following a pilot edition screened at Christmas 1993 as part of an evening of programmes presented by Reeves and Mortimer, a full series was broadcast starting on 22 September 1995. A 15th Anniversary Special, along with a mockumentary, was broadcast on 30 December 2008 on BBC Two. A new series began on 26 August 2009.

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