Monday, August 10, 2009

Why Is Touch An Important Sense That We Possess?


Our skin continuously passes a lot of information to our brain. It monitors touch, pain, temperature and other factors that tell the brain exactly, how our body is being affected by the environment.

Without this information, we would injure ourselves continuously or accidentally.


Below Touch info from Wikipedia (

Touch refers to one of the sensations processed by the somatosensory system, and may refer to:

    * Haptic perception, the ability to recognize objects through touch
    * Haptic communication, the study of human touching behaviour
    * Haptic technology, technology that interfaces to the user via the sense of touch

The somatosensory system is a diverse sensory system comprising the receptors and processing centres to produce the sensory modalities such as touch, temperature, proprioception (body position), and nociception (pain). The sensory receptors cover the skin and epithelia, skeletal muscles, bones and joints, internal organs, and the cardiovascular system. While touch is considered one of the five traditional senses, the impression of touch is formed from several modalities; In medicine, the colloquial term touch is usually replaced with somatic senses to better reflect the variety of mechanisms involved.

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