Tuesday, August 11, 2009

List Of ‘Why’ Questions

Why is the Pole Star so important?

Why Sky The Blue In Colour?

Why Do Maps Show North At The Top?

Why Do Days And Nights Occur?

Why Do Some Plants Survive Even In The Desert?

Why Don’t All Clouds Bring Rainfall?

Why Terracing Is Helpful For Farmers?

Why Do Houses In The Mountains Have Steep Roofs?

Why Do Seasons Occur?

Why Do Coasts Have Mild Climate?

Why Do Winds Occur?

Why Is It Foggy In Winter?

Why Does Lightning Occur During Thunderstorms?

Why Do Tides Occur?

Why Do Cyclones Occur?

Why Some Island Are Ring Shaped?

Why Does The Arctic Sea Have Icebergs?

Why Are Waves Formed In The Sea?

Why Do Volcanoes Erupt?

Why Do Seas Never Dry Up?

Why Are Lakes Of Different Size And Shapes?

Why Do We See Shooting Stars At Night?

Why Do Hot Springs Occur In Some Areas?

Why Do Eclipses Occur?

Why Do Tornadoes Occur?

Why Are There Many Extinct Volcanoes?

Why Are Dams Built?

Why Sea Beaches Are Sandy?

Why Do We Remember Gerardus Mercator?

Why Is The Sea Water Salty?

Why Is Snow White In Colour?

Why Are Water Falls Formed?

Why Can Man Walk On Two Legs?

Why Is The Human Hand Adapted To All Types Of Works?

Why Is The Brain The Most Important Part Of Our Body?

Why Is It Important To Protect The Back Of The Neck?

Why Do We Have A Skeleton?

Why Is Our Blood Red In Colour?

Why Do Arteries And Veins Differ?

Why Are X-Rays Taken?

Why Is Water Essential For Our Body?

Why Are Cells Considered Important?

Why Are Vitamins Essential For Our Body?

Why Does Our Heart Beat?

Why We Are Able To Hear Sounds?

Why Do We Get Allergies?

Why Is Exercise Useful For Us?

Why Do Some People Suffer From Asthma?

Why Are Viruses And Bacteria Different?

Why Do The Cells Have Chromosomes?

Why Do The Muscles Pain After Exercise?

Why Is The Skin Important For Our Body?

Why Are Carbohydrates Necessary For Our Body?

Why Do We Have High Temperature When We Are Ill?

Why Do We Take Antibiotics?

Why Don’t The Women Have Beards?

Why Do We All Perspire?

Why Do We Dream?

Why Do We Resemble Our Parents?

Why Do We Wake Up From Sleep?

Why Do We Feel Thirsty?

Why Is Touch An Important Sense That We Possess?

Why Do We Feel Hungry?

Why Are Some People Left Handed?

Why Do Some Of Us Wear Glasses?

Why Can We See Different Colours?

Why Is Vaccination Necessary Against Some Diseases?

Why Are Atoms Present Everywhere?

Why Do We Study Quantum Physics?

Why Are Microscopes Used By Scientists?

Why Are Balloons Used For Astronomical Research?

Why Have The Optical Fibres Proved Useful?

Why Are Crystals Formed?

Why Do Scientists Wear Protective Clothing?

Why Are Circuit Boards Used?

Why Are Wind Turbines A Source Of Power?

Why Are So Many Pylons Erected?

Why Is Litmus Paper Used In Chemistry?

Why Transmission Of Intercontinental Television Is Possible?

Why Is Electricity Transmitted At High Tension?

Why Are Solar Panels Kept On The Roof Top?

Why Do The Ship’s Navigators Depend On Microwaves?

Why Does The Lightning Flash?

Why Do We Need Numbers?

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